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Craig Stark

Principal / Managing Director

Medical Tourism and the Travel Industry

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Don Hiser writes a Medical Tourism and the Travel Industry Blog, providing regular updates on the issues facing the travel industry as travel tourism becomes an increasingly acceptable option, whether to exotic locations or to locations of less cost/greater expertise.  Don is Director of Consulting Services for AirGate Solutions, offering workshops and consulting in use of technology and social media to effectively engage aviation industry customers.

What Does Every Travel Professional Need to Know about the Medical Travel Industry
As a travel professional for the last 30 years, I have seen a steady progression to recognize that the best answer to Medical Treatment does not necessarily reside in “First World” countries.  So I decided to set up a blog to provide other travel professionals with a look at the Medical Tourism Industry and offer suggestions on how travel professionals can educate themselves and take advantage of this shift towards global quality healthcare coupled with vacation travel.

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Grappling with Airport Food and Beverage Offerings

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Further to my last blog post on the topic of Healthy Eating in Airports we are seeing more examples of media related focus on the higher level "Best Resturants in Airports" covering the very subjective by nature reviews of several Airport based eating establishments.

Although interesting to many passengers, if we look at this in context of developing a sharpened Customer Experience and downstream revenue capture, we are missing the mark.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 January 2013 15:10

Top Airport Management Trends for 2013

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We’re early into 2013 and airport management teams have re-thought how they might increase their non-aeronautical revenues. We have worked on a number of airport projects over the past years from deploying social media platforms, customer engagement strategies and customer retail marketing. We’ve been asked what we see as “customer engagement strategies in 2013” that will change the paradigm and what may be less important.


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Healthy Eating in Airports gaining momentum

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The Healthy Eating in Airports trend is continuing to be a major thrust as per our investigations of several Airports in North America as well as in Europe.
Airports such as Toronto Pearson are currently investing in infrastructure and human resources to refurbish the Food & Beverage operations in support of new brands, local operator presence and e-menus.

Searching the topic on Google provides a full page of coverage by media, magazines and specialty blogs. The real value to passengers in providing information of what and where to eat in Airports is obvious and the typical review is bliss to those seeking personal meal choices.

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Top 5 Customer Trends

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There’s been much has been written about trends in aviation – airports and airlines, specifically. Marketing specialists have been articulating what we as ‘customers’ will be seeing in the way of products. Unfortunately, no one seems to be taking the customer view in this dialogue. Our view is that since customers pay for the entire process in aviation, the view of the customer should be closely watched for trends. Our view comes from the frequent blogs, social media commentary and articles in the trade press on customer experience.

In our research, we found there are 5 trends to which customers have expressed an opinion more than others. The result being is our choices for the top 5 customer travel trends, trends likely to have the biggest benefit for traveling customers.

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