Top Airport Management Trends for 2013

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We’re early into 2013 and airport management teams have re-thought how they might increase their non-aeronautical revenues. We have worked on a number of airport projects over the past years from deploying social media platforms, customer engagement strategies and customer retail marketing. We’ve been asked what we see as “customer engagement strategies in 2013” that will change the paradigm and what may be less important.


Of the airports that we’ve worked with and others we have surveyed, there are top 2 priorities for 2013:
       (1) to improve customer service for a better customer experience and
       (2) to increase non-aeronautical revenues, particularly in customer retail spend.


We’ve have often commented on the “Customer Journey” and the customer’s view of their experiences with the travel industry. There is also a lot of discussion and focus on the improvement of the customer experience, as evidenced by APEX in their commentary.

We’ve also noted that today’s travellers are mobile and always connected. In fact, smart phones and tablets are the de facto standard for connected travellers. Increasingly, airports have started to understand that travellers are not just customers of airlines, but also of airports. What we’ve found is that airports have yet to take advantage of the customer’s technology to reach out to engage with them as customers. In fact, many have used social media platforms as just another sales channel, to the airport’s detriment.

Given the above points, how do we think 2013 will shape up? We believe the following trends will be the focus of airport management for 2013!

1.    Airports will focus on customer engagement strategies to increase retail revenues (as evidenced by the articles such as, Moodie Report, Singapore Changi Airport, Airport World)
2.    Airports will deploy new customer service measurement tools to improve customer experience
3.    Airports will integrate new eco-systems to enhance their services for customers such as, healthy eating
4.    Airports will continue to use social media for branding, customer service and PR. Interesting an article in UK press dumping on social media.

We’ll follow up with future blogs for more in-depth discussions of our 2013 Trends for Airport Management.

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