The Customer Journey Workshop

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The Workshop Agenda

The Customer Journey Workshop is developed to introduce the Customer Journey as a tool to start looking holistic from a customer perspective to Airline & Airport services. In a day session participants will actively learn to look through its customers eyes and experience the scattered route from home to destination. Dealing with public transport, parking problems, stress, finding your way, waiting lines, border security personnel, ground personnel who are not informed fear of flying, lost luggage, diversion and much more.  The workshop can help you to  optimize the complete customer journey and improve your services.

The Workshop:

  • Learn to work with personas; get to know your customer.
  • Analyze customer actions, usually broken into chronological phases.
  • Explore customer goals and needs at each step in the process.
  • Touch points between customer and brand.
  • Customer emotions at touch points.
  • Insights in the different channels during the journey.
  • Moments of truth, or areas of particular importance in the overall customer experience.
  • Develop service concepts from a customer perspective.

Deliverables for the participants:

  • An overview in the complete service cycle.
  • Experiencing what your customer experience.
  • Satisfiers- and dissatisfies for your customer in your service.
  • Missing- or inconsistent elements in services.
  • Evaluation, quick wins and possible future steps.
  • All brought together in a small visual report.

Who should attend:

Airline & Airport executives, cross functional teams within the airline, airport or ground handlers.

Interested to follow the workshop or invite us to work with a team of your company? Contact us.

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