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The Passenger Experience Index
Airports and Airlines need to start engage with their travelling customers. What's required is to implement systems capable of communicating directly with the customer's chosen social media platforms.The Passenger Experience can be defined and shaped to form an Industry wide Index of CSAT and other key metrics valuable to all stakeholders and owned by passengers.









Customer Engagement Solutions

Deep engagement opportunites exist if personal preferences and needs can be met with passengers. Airports now the opportunity to tailor Food and Beverage services to the needs of a diverse and dynamic socially connected community.

Developing campaigns and loyalty can only have value if these needs are being met. Meaurement and analytics can be used to segment passengers by using our Customer Engagement Meaurement dashboard, PEI and Destination marketing foundations thus creating a compelling network of highly tuned market development. 

Healthy Dining in Airports is being addressed, but many see this as a static directory or mapping issue handled with simple static web page information. The MunchSpot service provides a dynamic platform to not only engage passengers, but offer 3rd part transparency to nutrition claims and data verfication becoming a huge benefit to customer trust development.

(The MunchSpot service for Airports is currently in Beta)




Customer Service Social Media Manager

Using numbers of followers or fans to measure engagement is problematic. It is not what constitutes "relevant" data. A more meaningful approach would be to focus metrics measurements on (1) useful passenger dialogue, (2) active passenger advocacy, (3) passenger self support indicies and (4) passenger feedback for innovation. These types of measurement require tools and processes to get started - some of which you can benchmark for free, but to determine variable sentiment analysis, you'll need a hybrid of sources and processing algorithms meaningful to your business objectives.









Destination Marketing Overview
At the heart of an airport's customers lays the key issue of delivering ‘value’ based on customer knowledge. It is non-trivial, as it can mean the difference between customer retention and customer loss. Understanding where passengers are going in a Destination paradigm allows us to create social information about their preferences as vertical clusters. This is the most important marketing data in todays' complex social strategies.









Airport Fashion Retail Hub
 Airports are now extending their engagement efforts into Fashion Marketing Events. Developing new customer relationships can be elusive, especially for those who are not aware of the events.  Long term event life cycles can be developed using social media strategies providing airports with less expensive campaigns, deep integral data insights and new revenue opportunities through concentric market reach.






Building Passenger Communities
Deep engagement with passengers requires the use of several new social platforms that combine to create unique conversations and feedback. Developing communities used to highly cost prohibitive and hard to manage. Today, we can offer social community platforms which integrate into your CSAT and Destination Marketing platforms for incremental costs. Community is the precursor to creating a tangible marketplace.









Passenger Engagement Digital Media Audit
70% of a buying decision is made in the retail shop as the customer is about to buy. P&G calls this the 'Moment of Truth' and we call it the best chance to sell your products.








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