Customer Service Delivery MasterClass

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Excellent Customer Services has finally become a top priority of airport/airline management today.

Airports and airlines have the opportunity to transform customer service into a fully integrated extension of their sales and marketing efforts.

Customer Service is frequently considered a non-strategic part of business, so that there is little integration among what we know about customers from CRM, social media strategies and the brand promise made via marketing and what actually happens when customer service teams speak with passengers.

Customer services will differentiate you from your competitors and will be crucial to your ability to target strategic growth opportunities. You’ll compete and win beyond price, features and specifications.
Furthermore it improves your bottom line by reducing waste and unnecessary costs when you focus on actions that generate value for your customers.

This unique MasterClass helps airport/airline leaders at all levels developing existing leadership skills and move your airport organization forward in establishing a customer-focused environment
It will provide opportunities to get more insight in the building blocks to develop a customer service strategy, to implement changes and to create improved business performance and sustainable competitive advantage

Who Should Attend?
Airport and airline managers responsible for marketing, communications and customer service, and Managers of Customer Contact Center, Community outreach, Passenger Services, Terminal Managers, Quality Service

2 or 3 day MasterClass
•    In-company with a cross functional team of your organization who are all involved in Customer Services
•    A combination of theory & tools, best practices, cases of other airports/airlines and a hands on approach
•    Depending on your current challenges and opportunities we can tailor the curriculum according to your needs and attendees
The style event is highly interactive with opportunities throughout for questions, discussion and reflection. It is also action based and concludes with the creation of prioritized action plans.

Core Module: Service Delivery for Customer Service Managers
•    Multichannel Integrated Service Strategy
•    Transition to Profit Center
•    In-Out-Co-Home sourcing models
•    Trends in tools & technology
•    Service Design & Innovation: The Customer Journey
•    Empowered service employees

Core Module: Service Recovery for Customer Service Managers
•    IROP and the impact on Customer Service Delivery
•    Airport/airline in the lead
•    Elements of a Service Recovery Plan
•    Service Recovery Solutions

Core Module: Managing the Passenger Experience and Capturing Insights
•    Why developing your own metrics and tools can actually create missed opportunities and cost more.
•    How to capture valuable information via your passenger facing content
•    Using industry oriented touchpoints to find insights into sentiment analysis for your brand.
•    Defining KPI's against the industry PEI to find your unique opportunities.
•    Using social media to propogate your data collection tools.
•    Introduction to using software dashboards designed for airport/airline Operations.

Module: Airport Customer Service
•    “Passenger First” service delivery
•    Service delivery at customer touchpoints
•    most successful service brands:
           - enhancing customer experiences
           - improving airport image
           - increasing non-aeronautical and retail revenues
•    Passenger experience measurement
•    Passenger Co-creation
•    Technology developments

Module: Airline Customer Service
•    Cost Leadership contradictory to Service leadership?
•    Legacy versus low cost, what’s the difference?
•    Service Delivery at customer touchpoints
•    Passenger experience measurement
•    Co creation
•    Technology developments

Optional Module: Service Leadership for Management
•    Leadership & Organization & Culture
•    Vision and Strategy
•    The Value Disciplines
•    Goals
•    Voice of the Customer Program

•    Provides the tools and practical information to build a customer-centric organization
•    Enhances the reputation of your airport/airline
•    Attracts new customers to your airport/airline and increases your passenger traffic
•    Motivates airport/airline staff
•    Provides airport/airline leaders with the tools to make key business and operational decisions
•    Provides practical information on how to implement a comprehensive customer service improvement program.

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