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Social Media Metrics Workshop

Airport Social Media Metrics Workshop

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Social Media Metrics Workshop for Airport Executives

Aim: To give airport executives a handsā€on workshop looking into understanding Social Media Metrics for Airport ROI. Determining which business objectives to select and in which order, which Key Performance Indicators or "KPI's" to map to and determining which quantifiable formulas to execute to create a hybrid of Social Media Metrics for Aiports is what this workshop offers.

Participants: Senior executives and managers from all commercial departments of the airport.

Workshop Details
Title: Social Media Metrics Workshop for Airports: Determing ROI using specific metrics for Airports

Introduction: Four Areas of Concern for Airports
  1.  Developing meaningful dialogues with airport stakeholders, including passengers.
  2.  Develop a basis for promotion of "Airport Advocacy".
  3.  Discover how to facilitate a support infrastructure.
  4.  Create a new "Airport Innovation" community model.

Selecting KPI's for Airports
  5. Review the associated KPI's from above section.
  6. Select the objectives with most impact for "real time scenarios".
  7. Determine ongoing airport data requirements for future review.
  8. Determine KPI's using Social Media in the "here and now".

Setup Airport Formulas for Success Ratios
  9. Using above KPI schema, apply associated "acceptable best practise" formula for airport use.
10. Extend the formulas to best reflect those ratios to your Aiport's specific profile.

Hands-On Exercise and presentations: Crafting a social media metrics strategy for Airports
11. Deciding business objectives and related KPI's
12. Prioritizing KPI's
13. Introducing the Fomulas
14. Running sample ratios
15. Introducing Brand Monitoring reports for airports
16. Developing a Hybrid approach for insights and decision making

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