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Airport Customer Engagement Strategy Masterclass

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Customer Engagement for Airports Masterclass
Objective: To give airport commercial, marketing and management teams a hands‐on crash course into customer engagement strategies and applications for airports, specifically to step them through the four stages of customer engagement, using such tools as social media. This is designed to assist airports to drive revenue through customer interactions. The participants will take-away their own plan for executing a customer engagement strategy at their airport.

Participants: Up to 20 airport managers from commercial and marketing departments of the airport.

Workshop Title: Leveraging Your Airport Customer Engagement Investment

Overview of Customer Engagement & Social Media
Objective: Understand clearly what role customer engagement plays for airports
•    What is Customer Engagement? What is Social Media? What's the difference?
•    Pre-social media vs. traditional media – how they differ?
•    Navigating the 4 steps of customer engagement
•    How airports are using social media for customer engagement today?
•    Core strategy: Build Your Airport Community
•    Case Study: London Airport
•    Hands-on Exercise: What’s your customer engagement readiness?

Creating Sustainable Customer Engagement Strategies
Objective: Start development of your airport’s customer engagement plan
•    Top 8 Customer Engagement Strategies Overview
•    Ways to Develop Your Plan
•    Ways to Achieve Your Plan
•    What’s your customer engagement readiness?
•    Case Study: Manchester Airport
•    Group Exercise: Define your potential customers and your business model
             Who are your customers? Characteristics?
             Who are your targeted customers? Who are your ‘ideal’ customers?
             What your customers looking for? e.g. thought-leadership, et al
             What’s your business model? Changes required?

Creating Your Airport’s Clear Market Focus (“White-boarding”)
Objective: Define potential customer engagement marketing strategy (s)
•    Create a clear single market focus - avoid the ‘multiple markets’ trap
•    What is the problem we are trying to solve? (Your definition)
•    What’s your current internet marketing strategy?
•    What is your real customer engagement readiness? The Customer Engagement Index?
•    What is your Customer Engagement Strategy to-date?
•    Current Customer Engagement starategy? What is your Social Media strategy? (e.g.
•    PR engagement?
•    Group Exercise: Select & apply best practice Customer Engagement Marketing strategy

Managing Your Airport’s Customer Engagement Strategy
Objective: Commitment needed for your airport customer engagement Marketing strategy
•    Ongoing operational customer engagement
•    Investment: money, time and commitment: short, medium, long term
•    ROI for Management
•    Implementation plan
•    Understand the impact of changes required
•    Time and money issues
•    Integration with existing tools & processes
•    Management of implementation

Measuring Your Airport’s Customer Engagement
•    Tangible results – metric definition/measurement
•    Key tools to use
              Finding mentions about their airports on Social Media
              Finding mentions about airlines that fly their airports
              How to identify influencers for their airports using social media
              Basic sentiment analysis
•    Case Study: International Airport Customer Engagement Project

Wrap-up and Next Steps
•    Summary Discussion
•    Deliverables: Group Presentations

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