Airports Using Twitter

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We've spoken at several airport indfustry conferences. on the subject of “Knowing Your Customer: Loyalty Programmes and Personal Marketing”. Our presentations focused on the latest technologies used to communicate with customers. Through communication, we gain insight into customers which can assist in the development of 1-to-1 customer marketing and retention strategies.

One of latest technologies is Twitter, as a social media platform. Increasing numbers of airports are starting to incorporate social media as part of the marketing initiatives, Twitter being but one. We conducted some basic research to understand to what extent airports are using social media. Our research focused on how many airports were using Twitter as a means to communicate to their respective communities and develop a profile of industry use. We felt this represents an 'early' indicator.

During our research, we found that:
1. The majority of airports had no Twitter account or made it very hard to find one.
2. The majority of the airport websites had no visbile link to their Twitter account.
3. There was no correlation between size of airport and number of followers.
4. Many airport Twitter accounts were just weather news feeds.

Airports make it very difficult for any customers to access information made available. Likewise, it makes it very hard for the airport to 'listen' to their customers.

It is clear that airports are in the very early stages of developing a relationship with their customers. Airports do understand how to effectively use the Twitter technology platform.

We have included some of the basic research data here. It's certainly not complete as the followers continue to change. If you would like to provide updates, we'll keep the tables current.

Written on Wednesday, 04 July 2012 19:00 by Administrator

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